The Metabolic Zen Philosophy!


Metabolic Zen was born from the belief that simplicity and nutrition can co-exist to create a harmonious experience in the way we eat, think about, and utilize food. There is no shortage of trends, misinformation, and marketing that promise to make you “healthy” and deliver “real results”.


Metabolic Zen offers something entirely different. Candice takes a bold, evidence-based approach to nutrition by carefully deciphering our bodies’ needs and translating them into real whole food recommendations we can all understand and implement. She understands that sometimes our bodies and minds don't always cooperate the way we would like, but with a little nutritional creativity, science, and compassion she can resolve your complex eating, feeding, performance,

and physiological concerns.


The best part is, together, you and Candice will attain sustainable, honest, and realistic results! Let Candice help you, your child, or your family achieve Metabolic Zen, bringing harmony back into your eating and feeding, and into your life.