Candice is an incredible talent in the nutritional field. She has a passion for keeping up with the latest nutritional research and translates that information into patient care. She has the ability to work with a wide spectrum of patient conditions ranging from metabolic diseases, digestive disorders and multiple food sensitivities to the healthy individual looking to optimize health and prevent disease. Her clients love her and find her to be very approachable and willing to work with them wherever they are at in their motivation to change.


Heidi Rula, M.D.

Medical Director, Integrative and Functional Medicine Physician

University of Arizona Integrative Health Center


Candice has been a wonderful influence for our son. Her kind, encouraging, empathetic, and playful spirit is perfect for helping children in this area of their lives. She makes learning about nutrition fun and empowering for the child. Candice is a parent's gift. She always works with the parents' goals. Candice provides feedback and guidance to help support the child and parents as well. We are grateful to have Candice in our lives and would highly recommend her to any family looking to help their child with building a nutritious diet, even with severe restrictions.


- Mother of 5 year old patient


Candice is a treasure! She is extremely knowledgeable about her field, nutrition; but also goes above and beyond to understand both the child’s and families’ struggles with feeding/eating. She is very holistic in her approach and takes the time to educate families and support colleagues around pediatric nutrition.


Lisa Vickers, MSed, CCC-SLP

Feeding Program Coordinator

Children's Development Center

Southwest Human Development


Candice is an experienced metabolic nutritionist who devotes all of her skills, which are considerable, for the welfare of

her patients.


Dr. Kirk Aleck, M.D.

Chief, Division of Genetics and Metabolism

Phoenix Children's Hospital